Projects & staff – optimizing your resources and project management

Keep it simple and easy to access for everyone! Projects & Staff is an online tool for companies that want to optimize the staffing in different projects. All employees can login to update and see the status for different projects and employees.

How does it work?


In the staff view, all the company's resources (employees and subcontractors ) are shown. The planning of your staff is done on a weekly basis, for each week the estimated time is entered in percent, not hours (100% is 40 hrs). Each staff will have their own account and will be able to report the amount of percent they work per week and project.

The input in the staff view will also affect the total amount of hours on projects that is shown in the project view.


In the projects view, all projects are shown. You can easily see all the staff that works in the project and how many percent each staff are planned to spend per week.

Projects has five categories, Internal, External, Innovation, Absence and Management. Each category has its own color coding and will also affect the total/overview row for each staff member.

Getting started

1/ Start by adding some staff to assign project to by clicking on “add new staff” on the bottom left side.

2/ Then add some projects by clicking in “add new project” on the bottom left side.

3/ Now you can start planning – click on triangle in front of staff name in the staff list, then add project. Then you can plan time in the weeks in the planning window. Add time in percentage, 100 means 100%. When you have planned persons on projects you can click the project view (menu top left) and see who is planned on what project and how much time each project has planned.


We are currently conducting beta testing on Projects & Staff and meanwhile, the website is free to use. After the beta test, the pricing will be following:

Companies with five staff members or less uses the website for free. Just sign up and start managing your company.

Companies with more than five staff member pay 10 SEK per employee and month. That means if you have a company with 25 employees, you pay 250 SEK a month.


ayond is a innovative digital agency that offers solutions based on internet. The project and staffing tools are sprung out of our own innovation process and are used in our resource planning process.

We are continuously improving the tool with new functionality to enhance the user experience.

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